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June 2024 Workshops in California


Scott Ruthven

Painting Geraniums - Full Demonstration - FREE
6/1/2024 - 6/30/2024


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Vladislav Yeliseyev

6/1/2024 - 6/9/2024

(Not Specified)

Cost: $3,790.00

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Michael Holter AWS NWS

Plein Air in Stunning Lizard Peninsula UK
6/3/2024 - 6/7/2024

Polurrian Hotel
(Not Specified)

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Julie Snyder

Majestic Scotland Art Retreat
6/6/2024 - 6/12/2024

Manor Estate, Arbroath
(Not Specified)

Cost: $5,150.00

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Keiko Tanabe

Stage d'Aquarelle de Plein Air en Provence
6/7/2024 - 6/9/2024

Entrevaux, Alpes de Haute Provence, France
(Not Specified)

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Timothy Tyler

Plein Air in San Miguel de Allende
6/10/2024 - 6/10/2024

San Miguel de Allende
San Miguel de Allende, (Not Specified)

Cost: $600.00

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Jane Hunt

2024 Provence, France Plein Air

Ch�teau Near Avignon
(Not Specified)

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Keiko Tanabe

Painting Holiday in Tuscany, Italy
6/15/2024 - 6/22/2024

Watermill at Posara, Tuscany, Italy
(Not Specified)

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Sandra Duran Wilson

Immerse Your Senses in Tuscany-only 1 Space left!
6/15/2024 - 6/25/2024

(Not Specified)

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Susan Lyon

Painting Colorful Portraits from Life and Photos
6/15/2024 - 6/19/2024

Workshops in Yorkshire
Skiption, (Not Specified)

Cost: $1,650.00

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